DIY Embellished Gloves

diy-crystal-embellished-gloves Chilly winter air has made its way through the Tennessee Valley and my poor fingers have gotten just a little too icy for my liking. Since I can't skimp on the hourly scroll through my Insta-feed (it's a problem!) gloves seem to be the only logical solution! With places like J.Crew and Asos selling blinged out version of the cold-weather staple for a lot more than I'm willing to spend on mittens, I decided to whip up my own... so easy and now I want to stick a pair in everyone's stocking this year!

What you'll need:

Gloves (I found these at Target for $3 AND they're smartphone compatible!) Jewelry glue Acrylic gems

Step 1: Arrange your gems until you have a design that you love. I went with something symmetrical so that they look great from every angle but this is the fun part... bedazzle away! hint: make sure that you're not making two right hands...

Step 2: Snap a quick picture of your design so that you can reference it during the next step.

Step 3: Begin gluing your jewels. I found it easier to clear the gloves off and copy the design from my photo but you can also just pick up a gem and glue it right back down to its spot... easy! A little bit of glue goes a long way, just dab some on each gem and press down for 20 seconds. hint: be careful not to glue both sides of your gloves together (like I did... I had to pry them apart once the adhesive dried)

Step 3: Wear your pretty new gloves and enjoy the extra sparkle. Resist the urge to bedazzle everything you own... or don't!


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