Denim Uniform

Lately I've been sticking to somewhat of a "uniform" when it comes to dressing. Simple tops, simple shoes and THE most important piece,  the. perfect. jeans. I've been on a mission to collect vintage fits, classic washes and cool hems in the hopes of stocking my closet with ample choices. Enter: Mother Denim. I'm obsessed with these styles and everything the relaxed/cool brand stand for (extra points for the "Love Your Other" campaign and it's proceeds benefiting Self Evident Truths and its work for LGBTQ+ visibility).

As I get older (there's a birthday on the horizon that will put me square in the "late 20s" camp vs the "early 20s" brigade I've spent the last few years in), I'm discovering more and more what works for me. Personal style is such a process of evolution and I'm finally starting to realize that neutral, simple, comfortable pieces are definitely my jam. I'm refining my taste, rethinking my choices and reinvesting in staples that I know will work hard. Sign me up for all the simple tees, perfect denim, crisp shirts, funky boots and minimal accessories...

What's your uniform?

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