December Soundtrack


Happy December my loves! This month is my favorite of the year and I'm so happy to finally welcome it into our lives. I celebrated a birthday on Monday (the 4th) and we're just days away from our huge getaway... it's all happening! These last couple days before our trip pretty much have me saying, "No thanks!" to everything. I may be mentally checked out already but I didn't want to leave you without a playlist this month so I've been adding to this one. I know it'll be the soundtrack to my month as we explore some new places and indulge in some serious R&R. Maybe you'll do the same?

Listen to the December soundtrack here.

Aside from my usual monthly playlist Spotify was kind enough to put together my Top 100 Songs in 2017. It'll be a fun way to look back on an interesting year and if you're interested, feel free to listen here.

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