Cultivating A Classic Closet

My closet needs some serious TLC ya'll! I'm not talking about shopping (let's face it, I've done enough shopping...), I'm talking about reframing my wardrobe. Weeding out the pieces that are unnecessary/unwearable/irrelevant and making way for my grownup girl closet (which may include a little shopping). I'm putting on my big girl pants guys...literally!

This past year I've been experimenting with colors and patterns, trying to find what works for me and defining my style. There have been some hits and misses but I've come to the realization that simple is best. Simple, good quality pieces are always in style and I need to get rid of some loud, cheaply made (ahem... Forever 21) items and invest in staples.

2013 is halfway over (OMG, where did it go?!) and I'm dedicating the rest of the year to my quest for a classic closet. I was creating a wishlist today with J Crew's newest feature and it hit me... No more shopping unless it's a good piece that fits my criteria (mainly WWJLD or what would Jenna Lyons do) and no more fast fashion! #makeithappen

the basics: baseball sweater, peplum, oxford shirt, striped tank, chambray, baseball sweater, pocket tee, embellished top, striped tee, skirt, denim shorts, minnie pants
the shoes: ballet flats, sandals, oxfords
the extras: tote, hat, belt, statement necklace, sunnies, everyday necklace
goodnight: navy PJs, sleep shirt, white PJs

image via tumblr