Coffee Crush | Octane ATL

Over the weekend we popped down to Atlanta to take our sweet birthday girl to the zoo! Since a day full of animal watching, hanging with friends and chasing Lo wouldn't be complete without my beloved jolt (or three) of caffeine, I was on the hunt for the perfect little coffee crush in our destination du jour.

When friends suggested Octane (after some seriously yummy lunch at 6 Feet Under), I was sold! The super cool space is airy, industrial and exactly what I would want my own cafe (it's fun to daydream, right?) to look like. With a loft-type layout, floor to ceiling garage doors (for letting in a little Summer air) and a simple menu, it's basically perfect. The even serve craft beer and cocktails once the sun sets. We ended up sitting for hours and catching up!

If you're ever in the Grant Park area of Atlanta I highly recommend a quick trip!

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