Cherry Blossom Girl

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dress and sandals: zara kids

We're finally home (for a bit)! Lorelai and I had the loveliest time in Washington DC and I can't wait to share all of the things we got into during our stay.  Things will go back to normal for a few days, with a quick break next week because we're headed out of town... again, and then it's gonna get crazy around here. I'm so excited to be working on a tiny refresh (with help from my girl Natalie), some awesome new projects and a ton of fabulous content. A little time away was just what I needed to fall in love with this corner of the internet all over again!

One of the first things we did in DC was visit the cherry blossoms. We happened to be blowing into town during the short window of time that they bloom and nothing says "Spring!" quite like streets littered with pretty pink petals. Lo was beside herself and even dressed for the occasion. She's at an age where she's able to choose her own outfits (with help) and this "pweety dress" is her all-time favorite.

p.s. I want to thank all of my super talented friends for filling in while I was away. It's such a blessing to make friends within this awesome community!