Chelsea & The City: Paris Edition

I chose the name 'Chelsea and The City' because I truly am a city girl at heart. Though I'm stuck in a small southern college town for the time being, I've always had a deep love for the many fabulous cities of this world. I've been lucky enough to travel from Paris to Tokyo, from LA to New York, etc and know in my heart that I'll find myself in a bustling city someday soon.

I'm starting a new series! I'm going to show you how I'd style my way through each of my favorite cities. Whether it be the perfect striped tee in the city de l'amour or the best pavement stompin' shoes for the streets of NYC, I hope you'll join me on this style journey! Want to see a specific city? Let me know!

images via pinterest
  1. Burberry London Trench Coat
  2. Clare Vivier Foldover Leopard Clutch
  3. Saint James Galathee Shirt (loving the red version!)
  4. Rifle Paper Co. French Cards
  5. J Crew Minnie Pants
  6. Sur La Table Assorted Parisian Macaroons
  7. Street Bauble 'Oui" Ring
  8. J Crew Suede Oxfords
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