Chelsea & The City on Instagram: Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day was pretty low-key around here but I did manage to capture a few snapshots during the festivities! We had a leisurely morning (Lo and I slept until noon), got dressed despite the drizzle and exchanged sweet cards (how cute is the card Mr. Jackson picked for me, complete with a fort and two wine glasses?). After Lorelai opened presents from Mommy & Daddy we piled into the car and set out to explore one of Gainesville's nicer neighborhoods. We stopped by the cutest cupcakery (Patti Cakes in Haile Plantation) and picked out our favorite flavors (the honey-grapefruit was amazing!). We made wishes in the fountain and decided to grab a chill dinner at our favorite sushi spot. Full and sleepy, we made our way home, assembled a bedroom fort and had a romantic night watched Tangled as a family.

We hope you had an amazing Valentine's week and an even better long weekend!
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