Chelsea Lately

Lately I've been feeling a little too disconnected. My thoughts have been swept up in moving, demanding projects, professional conflicts and family. I miss giving this little corner of the internet the attention it deserves and I'm staging a comeback. While I work on collecting my thoughts and developing new features, here's what I've been up to:

feeling exhausted, rewarded and in major need of coffee.
liking the peace and quiet the next few days will bring
making a eucalyptus wreath with leftovers from my hifi booth
cooking a little healthier these days... we're in wedding diet mode!
drinking the winter calls for a few extra cups of coffee
reading  starting the '100 books to read before you die' list
wanting to get back on track with the blog and homemaking
looking for any excuse to delay packing for our move
playing card games with Mr. Jackson during downtime
wasting all of the hours in the day
wishing for a few new projects
enjoying the dreamy winter fog while it lasts
waiting for my sister to arrive in Alabama

wondering how to arrange our new apartment
hoping for it to snow sometime this winter
marveling at the wonderful people who have come into my life
needing a little "me time"
smelling frankincense and lavender essential oil
wearing something comfy (and very old)
following a path that I never could have imagined
noticing all of the little things lately
knowing that my focus has been wavering recently
thinking about sleep...
bookmarking inspiring weddings to help me plan
opening the studio, finally!
giggling all day with Lorelai