Chelsea Lately

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Sharing my recent musings is always fun. After all, that's what this blogging thing is all about... right? While "Chelsea Lately" posts aren't everyone's cup of tea, they're some of my favorites to put together (the inner list-maker in me is jumping for joy). With a little inspiration from The Veda House blog, I decided it was high time that I shared a few more insights. What have you been up to lately?

Lately, I am...

feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at once liking being at home and re-establishing our routine making more projects with Lorelai (just for the sake of creating... fun!) cooking the same boring things over and over... got any favorite recipes?! drinking LOTS of coffee... more than usual reading the goldfinch (I'm almost done) wanting to sort out the perfect beauty routine looking for the best ballet classes & sweet dance gear for Lo playing purity ring by shrines wasting a ton of time on pinterest (shameless plug... follow me here) wishing that Mr. Jackson was as excited for his birthday as I am (it's later this month) enjoying my workspace's new home... we moved my desk right in front of a ton of natural light waiting for our 6th anniversary on the 29th
wondering where I'll find the time to get things done for the shop (hopefully soon!) hoping to meet up with a talented friend to chat about upcoming projects marveling at how the world just goes on needing to eat clean and get my butt into gear smelling freshly brewed coffee wearing a great white tee (note to self: you need more of these) following a ton of (new to me) stylish ladies on instagram noticing just how much I love being able to stay home with Lorelai during the day knowing that those days are numbered and soon it's back to the real world for me thinking about going back to school bookmarking inspiring blog designs in lieu of my impending refresh opening too many tabs giggling about Lo's sweet dance moves