Chelsea Lately


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I had a St. Patty's day favorites post on the schedule for today but I'm just not feeling very green or festive. St. Patrick's day isn't a holiday that I usually get super excited about so I'm just gonna let this one pass without any commotion. Here's what's up with me lately:

FEELING: In all honesty, this just isn't my week. My grandfather (who I wasn't close to and who had a pretty rocky relationship with my mom) passed away on Monday. Needless to say, it has been an emotional roller coaster but I'm trying to use the loss as a reminder to really love on my sweet family while I have the chance. On a less depressing note, I'm still trying to work a little bit more personal stuff into this little corner of the internet. Aside from the occasional "Chelsea lately" post (which got mixed reviews last time around), I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. What do you think friends? I know you'd love to see more of the day-to-day and hear more about Lo and Mr. Jackson... but how?

WATCHING: Speaking of Mr. Jackson, I've convinced him to go old school and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (from the beginning) with me. I'm having a blast reliving the 90s fashion and I love me some Spike but I don't think my beau's quite as excited. Whoops!

WANTING: To throw open the windows, air things out and Spring clean this little space of ours. There are several problems with this scenario: 1) I hate cleaning 2) It's still not quite warm enough to keep the windows open & 3) I'm beyond overwhelmed with the mess that seems to have accumulated (while I was busy typing away on this computer instead of dusting) and have no idea where to start!

EATING: We've gone veggie! Mr. Jackson and I gave up meat for Lent and although it's been relatively easy (I was a vegetarian for a while in High School) I'm kind of craving a steak... oops.

LISTENING TO: I may be a little late to the party but I'm obsessed with Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. I usually crank the tunes and lately I've been repeating the Phantograms and Lorde stations on Pandora. Now if I could just get my hands on a pair of chic headphones...

READING: I've read a few chapters of The Goldfinch (I just couldn't wait Alecia!) and am so excited to dig into it soon! Where books are harder to work into my schedule, I can always make time for my favorite mags. The color issue of Domino came out this month and is full of beautiful Springy home inspiration. I guess I'll have to do some re-arranging with my cleaning this year!

THINKING ABOUT: How everyone is able to fit so much into their days! Lately it seems like I just can't get around to half of the things on my mental to-do list. I'd love to wake up, fit in blog work, house work, be a good momma, create beautiful things, work on opening the store, learn new skills, be an engaging and supportive missus but it's just not happening right now. I would love to know what you're doing that I'm not. Any secrets for getting it all done?