Checking In, Resolution Style


At the beginning of this year I opted for a less traditional, easier to follow list of goals rather than a lofty New Years resolution. With the first quarter of 2012 flying by I thought I would take this opportunity to check on my progress and adjust my expectations. You can see my original post here, but this is the list that I made:

  1. Learn to cook Asian dishes 
  2. Print business cards
  3. Begin personal fashion posts for Chelsea & The City
  4. Complete each room in the house (kind of)
  5. Blog redesign
  6. Finally begin an exercise routine (working on it!)
  7. Eat clean. No more soda, more water & start a vitamin regimine
  8. Get my car fixed
  9. Get a cell phone
  10. Learn to unplug
  11. Do more DIY projects
  12. Get up each morning and get dressed
  13. Get another tattoo
  14. Take better care of my hair

I'm steadily chipping away at these goals and some of them are so simple that they can be completed in an afternoon(!) which makes me feel much better about my progress. As I've mentioned several times, we're moving to a new place in April so that eliminates the need to finish decorating this house (checked off by default is still checked off my friends) and as far as unplugging and exercising go I've been dragging my heels. I've been dying to get into personal fashion posts (think outfit of the days, etc) for ages but am honestly a little intimidated. Showcasing yourself on the internet is a daunting task so let me know if this is something you'd want to see!

Wish me luck! What were your resolutions and how are you doing so far?