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Finding My Uniform

Although my ever-growing belly doesn't really make this the best time for shopping, lately I've been feeling the need to re-imagine my wardrobe and change things up a bit. I've been stocking up on basics like crazy and have really found my ideal uniform. While uniform dressing isn't really a new concept, as I near by thirties and focus in on what really matters I'm slowly refining the role that style and trend-following play in my life. Long gone are the days that fast-fashion and trying impractical fads were fun. Instead I've reached a point where I know my body (for the time being... who's to say what kind of crazy changes are coming now that we're almost halfway through our second pregnancy), my priorities, my taste, my willingness to invest money into things, and my lifestyle. I need clothes that work for a casual life that involves chasing kids around, schlepping to the beach, working from the couch and the airport and the library. I don't need business casual clothes or date-night looks.

I know what works and, most of the time, I can tell what won't.

I know that I like a neutral palette of white, black, grey, denim, and military-inspired green that allow my personality and features have top billing instead of crazy colors and patterns.

I'm certain that, for now, my high-heeled days are over and flats are where it's at.

I know that I like, minimal, sentimental jewelry that I can leave on 24/7. I don't like to fuss with taking it on and off which means no costume or cheap jewelry.

I'm over dark, skinny jeans and a flattering, high-rise, straight-legged style or pair of sailor pants are what I'm comfortable in.

I'm all for jumpsuits! The fewer things I have to think about, the better.

I've nixed the designer purses (except for the ones I'll save for sometime down the line) and figured out that I love a good tote, basket bag, or just a nice, big wallet.

I usually like the option of covering up my arms so cardigans and wrap sweaters and a staple.

Jenni Kayne's 'Find Your Uniform' campaign couldn't have come at a better time and I'm feeling even more inspired to streamline things and nail down a signature look. Right now I'm enjoying simple dressing, no guesswork, and building a closet of staples.

p.s. I'm not taking the maternity route this pregnancy and have taken to stocking up on XL tees and tops to contain the soon-to-pop big belly. That way I'll be able to hold onto the pieces for the long run and rock the oversized look post-partum.


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Shopbop's Big Event Sale

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It's time again for my favorite sale... hooray! Shopbop is having its Big Event Sale right now and there are so many things in my shopping cart. Since Shopbop's sales usually offer steep discounts, I try to take advantage and grab a few things for the new season that I've been eyeing. This time around I'm loving light-wash denim, sandals and pretty little dresses for spring! Ready to shop? I rounded up all of the things I'm currently obsessed with below.

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36 New Arrivals To Drool Over For Spring

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Sometimes there's nothing quite like a good online browse to get you pumped for the change of seasons! Although we don't have a ton of variation in weather or length of daylight out here, I do get a little tired of seeing the same chunky knits circulate my favorite sites month after month. Fear not dear sun lover, Shopbop's new arrivals section is looking bright and there's plenty to keep us both going until Spring arrives. As always, I weeded through so. many. pages. to find the best things to add to your shopping cart. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!

Now, if only somebody could point me toward the good swimsuits...

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