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September Soundtrack

This month’s playlist took a little while longer to share than I might have liked but here it is! I’ve been really relying on tunes to get me through the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy and there are some really great ones on this particular monthly soundtrack.

I’m kind of obsessed with Florence Welch right now (when am I not?!) and I’ve had “Hunger” stuck in my head for weeks! In fact, the whole High As Hope album is World Series level great and this performance is INSANE.

To listen to this month’s playlist click here. What are you listening to this September?

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August Soundtrack

We're already halfway through August and it just occurred to me that I haven't yet shared all of the tunes I've been listening to this month. Forgive me! This playlist is a little longer than others (yay!) and has been keeping me company in all stages of LA traffic. Enjoy some groovy beach songs and a little bit of throwback action.

What are you listening to right now?

Listen to the playlist here.

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August Mood

Oh hey August, I'm so happy to see you! July was pretty hectic and I'm ready to slow things down and find a little bit of a rhythm here in California.  Exciting things are happening: school starts next week, we're in the final trimester of this pregnancy, we finally have a top three list of baby names (eek!), I'm taking on a new position at Odylyne The Ceremony, my sister is stopping by for a visit... it's shaping up to be a pretty good month.

Lorelai and I are settling into our new routine. Already this month we've been to LA and back several times (for the Doen Sample Sale, duh), seen a movie, made headway on a DIY dollhouse... and I can already tell that single-parenting is going to be rough going for the next couple of months. Luckily, I have the California sunshine to inspire a little bit of joy!

How are you feeling about August? Are you just as ready for Fall as I am?!

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