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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Every year I run into the same problem while doing my holiday shopping... men are SO. HARD. TO. SHOP. FOR. My husband never asks for anything specific and most men aren't as driven to want pretty gifts (making my choices pretty obsolete) as their fairer counterpart . Over the last decade of Christmas shopping for a picky, practical man I've realized that holiday gifts should be useful and a little frivolous (that the men in your life might not be inclined to pick up for themselves during the year). You can never go wrong with gadgets like this cool Marshall speaker or the new Nintendo Switch. Or if you're feeling like gifting your guy something more sensible, these wool sneakers, leather dopp kit and comfy J.Crew sweats are perfect. My favorite thing on this list? A feminist tee for your best guy ally. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Beauty Junkies

Looking for a sure-fire way into the hearts of most of the ladies on your holiday shopping list? Beauty products! They're perfect for everybody because you don't have to worry about knowing sizes or catering to different tastes and who doesn't like to experiment with something luxurious?!

This year I'm giving AND asking for sheet masks of all kinds. They're my favorite way to unwind with a little bit of self-care because they're super easy, require minimal clean-up and they're the perfect way to try out different brands without investing in jars of lotions and potions. This Saturday Skin mask looks refreshing and brightening (which is perfect for all of those holiday parties coming up).

Aside from masks, you can't go wrong with Glossier! The beauty brand is a cult favorite and it's been everywhere lately. I can personally attest to the MAJOR obsession that is Boy Brow (see my review here) and I've got Cloud Paint on my Christmas wishlist. They'd make for perfect gifts too.

For 20% off your first order and free shipping when you spend $30 or more you can use my link to shop Glossier.


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Holiday Gift Guide: For Book Lovers

Ah, coffee table books, the one thing I'll never tire of gifting (or getting)! There are so many beautiful options to span all kinds of interests and they just look so great piled high on bookshelves and adorning tables. Coffee table books are usually my fallback for the pickier people on my list and those people in my life with super interesting taste. They're personal but not too personal.

This year I put together a list of books I've been eying lately that are equally perfect for gifting (and exceptionally perfect for gifting to me... haha). This Petra Collins book is number one on my wish-list and I LOVE all of Rupi Kaur's work. 200 Women Who Will Change The Way You See The World would be ideal for the lovely ladies you might be shopping for and Surf Shack has 'cool guy' written all over it (no pun intended).

* Bonus points for actually reading coffee table books. I always find them interesting and informative without dragging on the way that novels and non-fiction sometimes tend to.

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