Calling In Sick

sick-dayToday I'm coming at you from a pile of tissues, without a stitch of makeup and (let's be honest here) a little loopy from all of the Nyquil. Over the weekend Lo and I caught a nasty cold... Mr. Jackson's momma left in the wee hours of the morning yesterday (her visit was a smash by the way) and I've been laid up and on the mend ever since.

Being sick is the worst, especially when you would much rather be celebrating love day week and I'm so sorry for the lack of fun posts this Valentine's holiday. I had so much planned but apparently flu season had something else in mind for me! Hopefully I'll be able to come out of it quickly and rally for a little romance on Friday... you never know what wonders vapor rub can do!

As always, you're welcome to keep up with my adventures via Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (I'm just lousy with downtime so I'm sure things will be poppin' on this girls social media channels).

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