Bridesmiads Hair: 2 Step Boho Mini-Braids

The last bridesmaids hairstyle from our waterfall shoot (pop on over to GWS for that) is super simple and perfect for special occasions AND everyday.

Step one: Part your hair in the middle. Add texture to straight hair by loosely curling a few sections away from your face. Next, add dry shampoo and mess things up a bit!

Step two: Create four mini-braids (two on each side of your part) throughout your hair. Don't worry about being precise or keeping braids tight... things should look bohemian and relaxed.

Step three (optional): Add a flower crown or interesting headpiece for more fun.

Photography: Sleepy Fox Photography
Styling: Hazel & Scout
Hair: Twiggy Romei
Floral Design: Simpsons Florist
Dress: Free People
Model: Brynae Goldsmith