Bridesmaids Hair: How-to Braided Ponytail

I'm so excited to share this simple hair tutorial from our beautiful bridesmaids shoot (seen on Green Wedding Shoes here). I love an effortless ponytail with a little bit of added beauty!

Step one: Part your hair on one side. Leaving a large chunk out (from your part to the opposite side of your head) gather your hair into a low ponytail.

Step two: Secure your ponytail with a clear elastic.

Step Three: With the remaining loose hair, create a french braid down the length of your face. Either tuck hair into the first elastic or, if you have thicker strands, add another rubber band around the base of your ponytail AND your braid.

Step Four: Wrap a thick strand of hair from your ponytail around the elastic (to disguise it) and tuck the hair underneath.

Step Five (optional): Add a succulent crown or beautiful headpiece for a little more pizazz.

Photography: Sleepy Fox Photography
Styling: Hazel & Scout
Hair: Twiggy Romei
Floral Design: Simpsons Florist
Dress: Free People
Model: Rebecca Tillman