Coming Soon: The Hazel + Scout Book Club


Hello! Hi! Since this year is shaping up to be about making big moves and trying things that are a bit different, I thought it was finally time to start moving on an idea I've been kicking around for YEARS. Reading is one of my most favorite pleasures in life! I find so much excitement reading jacket covers and adding books to my queue and, since this space is all about sharing the things that I love with you, I really want to share that passion here. I've reached out to women in my real (offline) life and the idea of starting some kind of feminist/female positive book club seems like something worth pursing!

Something you may not know about this year: I've been making a shift in the way that I work to be mostly freelance nowadays and I'm currently juggling FIVE jobs. My head is spinning just typing that sentence! What that means, for both this space and the time that I spend reading, is that I have considerably fewer man hours to get everything that I want to do accomplished. I'm penning fewer and fewer posts for Hazel + Scout. I'm flipping the pages of fewer and fewer books. If nothing else, this is a way to marry the two! Now I'll be reading for "work" (and, hopefully, getting some great content out of it) AND starting a conversation about a real hobby of mine (i.e. something offline that has nothing to do with the blog or bridal worlds) that allows me to indulge in it.

While the details are still shaping up, I wanted to let you know that it's finally officially happening! I'd love to hear what you want to get out of a book club and if you'd even want to take part. What books would you want to read? What format would you want these posts to take? Does the club deserve it's own Facebook group? Would a little blurb from me and an ongoing conversation in the comments section be easier? What do you think?

I'm including a few titles that I'd love to read with you below (so you can get a feel for what's to come) and I'll announce the first book next week (March 1). Until then, let me know! Can't wait to start reading with you.


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