Blue Jean Baby

sweatshirt: forever 21 (love this one) | denim shorts: zara (similar) | necklace: classy with a kick c/o | heels: target | bracelet: j crew

Woohoo, it's Thursday which means that the weekend isn't far behind! I'm in major need of a break this week (although, because Lorelai has school on Saturday and Mr. Jackson's only off-day is Sunday, the weekends don't really seem like weekends around here). 

Ever wondered why I always have bruises, like that pretty gem on my right leg? At the risk of sharing too much with the internet, I'm iron deficient anemic. Usually a couple of vitamins do the trick but this week is kickin' my little butt. Weird blood issues coupled with my insanely pale skin (it's Summer in Florida and I'm still white as a sheet) and I'm convinced that I'm a vampire.

I vant to suck your blood take you shopping...

p.s. I won this necklace during a fun giveaway on Face It Catalog!