Last weekend we loaded up the car with essential oils, bunches of greenery and an arsenal of of 90s tunes and made the trip to New Orleans to celebrate my last few weeks as a single lady (insert Beyonce dance here)! I'm so taken with the lush greens, magical corners and old-world charm of the city and I'm so excited to share every single detail with you...

I tend to shy away from sharing iPhone captures on this space but it's so freeing not to worry about lugging around a bulky camera while you're busy discovering a new (or old favorite) city. I was happy as a bird snapping away, taking in all of the amazingly beautiful details of New Orleans and spending time with some of my favorite ladies.

While in NOLA, we strolled the streets humid of the French Quarter (we stayed at the Dauphine Hotel and were so spoiled to be walking distance from all of the best spots), indulged in an hour long zen massage, ate our fill of fresh beignets and (in true Hazel + Scout style) pulled together a styled DIY "luncheon".

The celebration was magical and I couldn't be happier about every detail my sweet sister and MOH helped me dream up! We occupied the historic Pharmacy Museum for a few hours, blending our own signature fragrances and creating smudge sticks... two things that are right up my alley. The space was incredibly dreamy and brimming with all of the botanical, Practical Magic (one of my favorite movies) vibes that make my heart pitter patter. I'm so grateful for talented vendors-turned-friends (friendors? frendors?) that made it all possible and couldn't imagine the spread without Linen & Leaf's gorgeous calligraphy, Pistil & Stamen's artful blooms or Pret A Fete's found treasures. It doesn't hurt that I got to lounge in my dream throne! Seriously, can I keep it?!

I returned back to Alabama a little more tired than before but SO excited for the home stretch of wedding planning and what's to come! I can't wait to continue sharing those details with you. That being said, I'll be scaling even further back when it comes to blogging the next few weeks. Although I'll make efforts to pop in, my focus is enveloped in wedding details and that's okay. Here's to my last few weeks without a hubby... may they pass quickly and sweetly!


Chelsea Tubbs