Bedroom Inspiration


Our bedroom is the place we spend the most time (relaxing, watching Project Runway marathons, sleeping, building pillow forts...) but somehow it's always the last room we get around to decorating. That probably comes from it being the only room company doesn't have to see when they pop over unexpectedly but it's in need of some new vibes to keep me sane.

In this house we have a bit more room in our master bedroom than we've had before and I'm stoked to make it our own! Bay windows and french doors that lead out to the backyard, a new mid-century bed (since ours fell apart during the move) and a duvet cover I've been stalking for months have all gotten me ready to tackle the task.

On the docket? Changing the shade of our walls to white (it might against the wishes of our landlord but fresh white paint is worth forfeiting our security deposit), creative storage solutions, spray painting all of our drawer pulls brass, ditching a few pieces of furniture (hello Craigslist!) in favor of pieces that better reflect our style and getting art up on the walls. Let's do this!

What makes a bedroom feel like yours?

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