Au Natural

on me: sweater: forever 21 (similar) | shorts: j crew c/o beso (these are in my shopping cart) | heels: target | bracelet: j crew | necklaces: bip & bop c/o, forever 21

on lorelai: dress: baby gap (LOVE this one) | bracelet: the little shop | sandals: old navy

I've never been that girl... you know the one: the girl who can leave the house with little to no notice, rarely wears makeup and looks great with a fresh face. If you're that girl I tip my hat to you! As women it's easy to fall into the quicksand that is cosmetics. Once I started applying makeup (my sophomore year of high school) I grabbed that mascara wand and never looked back. You wanna go somewhere spontaneously? But I'm not wearing any makeup, can we go in an hour!?

Last week I decided to skip the product and venture to the post office/grocery store bare-faced. And you know what? No body cared. Not a single person turned around, pointed at my dark circles and screamed in horror. I came home feeling liberated... and then I put on some lip gloss.

I was going to apologize for posting photos sans makeup (or skip posting this outfit altogether) but I'm not sorry. The bags under my eyes are there because we stayed up a few extra hours to snuggle last night, I have freckles from playing in the sun all day one-too-many times, that cute little girl makes me giggle so hard sometimes that I'm starting to get a few laugh lines and that's okay with me.

p.s. Lorelai is looking for ants. It's her new favorite pastime. "Annnnts?!"