Ask Me Anything!

In the past few months I've been so inspired by a few of my favorite bloggers calling for personal questions. A huge part of blogging (for me at least) has been transparency and sharing all of the moments of life and creative process with you. With this space I hope to create something special; a community of like minded beauty-seekers who feel comfortable and empowered to really know each other.

With that, I am hoping you'll be inspired to ask away! If there has ever been something you're curious about (either personal or in relation to styling, freelancing or blogging) please ask in the comments or send an email to I'll collect your questions and answer as many as I can in a future post.

p.s. I'm an open book! While I will excitedly answer any questions about maintaining a fashion blog, styling or working for myself, I encourage you to get creative and/or dig deep. I would love to expand on what it was like becoming a mother at a young age, meeting my sweet fiance or even my favorite food/place/song.

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