April Mood


Hi guys! Happy April! I owe you a little apology for pretty much ghosting this space for the last couple of months. Recently, things have been nuts (more on that later!) and I'm in the thick of figuring out a plan for Summer, learning how to juggle all of the freelance jobs at once, managing school and wading through the minutia of life. This week has also been Lorelai's Spring Break and what little down time I do have, I've been trying to spend with her. We've got big plans to hit up the beach later today. Woo!

Lately, something has been on my mind and I'm not entirely sure where this blog and I stand. As I get older, I have been feeling pulled to turn even further inwards and sharing just isn't as big of a priority as it has been in the past. Instead of talking about life, I've been feeling called to live it. Groundbreaking, right? Not really, but that's where I'm at right now. While I know that I'll likely never want to stop blogging completely (I think it's important to keep this online space that I have slowly carved out for myself over the last eight years alive), I'm sorting out what the natural evolution of blogging is in an oversaturated market that has started to feel, lately more than ever, less and less about genuine connection and more about pointless product placement and ad revenue. At this point, I'm rambling and probably not saying anything new that I haven't rambled about before so I'll just say, thank you. Thank you for continuing to support what I do and how I do it.

This month's mood is kind of listless but mostly stoked to hang out in the sun and snuggle my family. Do things ever really change?

p.s. If you've missed regular posting here, don't forget to check out my work on SF Girl By Bay and Glitter Guide. I'm much more active blogging for those two sites (that I love) lately.

Once I find the time, you can expect to see travel posts + video diaries for Thailand and Japan as well as a cool video project, the first book club selection and a new series that I couldn't be more excited about. I promise, good things are coming!

As always, my monthly moodboard is a collection of things I've been pinning lately. Head over to pinterest to see everything that's catching my eye lately.

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