10 Interesting Things I Found This Week

Life has been a little all over the place lately. Introspective and busy, routine and surprising. Waxing and waning between filled to the brim with activity and leaving plenty of room for boredom.  At least I have enough downtime to watch gems like Kim Kardashian being interviewed by Jennifer Lawrence on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (do it, you won't be sorry!). I've taken on a lot with school and we're having to work extra hard with Lorelai to get her caught up to her new first grade rhythm so I've basically entered zombie-mom territory.

There is, however, a bright spot on the horizon because we're just six weeks away from our big trip! From mid-December to mid-January (5 whole weeks!) we'll be gallivanting around Japan and Thailand and I couldn't be more excited. I've already started mapping things out (if you're going on vacation sometime soon, Google Maps is basically the best tool in the whole world), watching videos like this one on an endless loop and stressing about how to pack for two seasons in one carry-on bag. I'm excited to explore new places and hopefully come back with a lot of digital memories that I can share here.

Aside from wanderlust, I've been thinking a lot about blogging and how I feel about everything these days. Honestly, I waiver between LOVING this space and feeling a bit uninspired but I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. I've been blogging for almost seven years (insane!) and I've recently started reflecting on the trajectory of it all and how much more time I can realistically put into a pursuit that loves me back in big ways sometimes but goes through a lot of dry spells too. I've been thinking about the kinds of things I share, the kinds of things you're actually interested in reading and the future of this weird online world we're all living in. Heavy man. What I've concluded is this: I'll continue blogging for as long as it interests me and hopefully you'll be receptive to little pieces of me chronicled on this space. I might begin to pull away from aspirational content and focus on more anecdotal things that happen in my own life. Or I might share the rogue post about Need Supply Co. and that'll be okay too. I'm still figuring it all out...

One of my favorite ways to connect with you is by sharing the things that have been catching my eye lately so here's ten:

1. Get ready with Delilah Parillo and Glossier
2. The most inspiring and intimate look inside the life of Joan Didion called 'The Center Will Not Hold' on Netflix
3. My favorite Insta-muse Ally Walsh's self care advice
4. Should you give your kids an allowance? via Mother Mag
5. Anine Bing's AMAZING California home
6. My favorite Youtuber's Autumn / Winter lookbook
7. Gwyneth Paltrow interviews Amanda De Cadenet (girl crush!) for Goop
8. Orion Carloto's new book of poetry, Flux, is out
9. The coolest interview from Lisa Says Gah (who else?)
10. The depressing reason why so many women drink (via Vox) is something to think about... "The magazines telling me strong is the new sexy and smart is the new beautiful, as though strong and smart are just paths to hot. The Facebook memes: Muscles are beautiful. No, wait: Fat is beautiful. No, wait: Thin is beautiful, too, as long as you don’t work for it. No, wait: All women are beautiful! As though we are toddlers who must be given exactly equal shares of princess dust or we’ll lose our shit."

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Everything I'm Loving From Need Supply Co.

I'll confess, I love living by the beach but I miss layered dressing and Fall clothes terribly. There's something about switching up your wardrobe with the seasons that makes it all a little more exciting. Since the weather here never changes, it feels a bit like Groundhog Day in our shorts and bikinis. This leads to a whole lot of window shopping and drooling over chunky sweaters I'll never be able to wear.

Need Supply Co. has been one of my favorite places to online window shop for a few years now but recently they fell off my radar a bit. Thank God for email subscriptions though because everything IS. SO. GOOD. RIGHT. NOW. I'm loving all of the rich jewel tones and interesting textures happening this season. Since we have a big vacation coming up (we're going to Japan and Thailand this winter), I have an excuse to pick up a few pieces that'll keep me warm. Let the shopping begin...

As usual, I combed through pages of new arrivals to narrow down my faves. Click to shop my favorite pieces from Need Supply Co.

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Scene It: Practical Magic vol. 2

Happy Halloween!

When I scrolled past this post on the Glitter Guide's Instagram feed earlier in the week I knew that a movie night was just thing I needed to get into the Halloween spirit. Without fail, my favorite spooky movie (or anytime movie really) always transports me to a nostalgic place of sisterhood, nineties spaghetti strap camis and the very best Stevie Nicks songs. 1998's Practical Magic is filled with all the best elements of a cheesy 90s rom-com (namely Sandra Bullock's signature laugh and Nicole Kidman's insanely enviable ginger tresses) and I could probably watch it on an endless loop without tiring of a single moment. 

If you've been following along for a while (first of all, bless you for waiting out my awkward blogger phase) you'll know that I used to have a series called "Scene It" where I played around with products inspired by popular films... I even put together a post centered around this very movie a few years ago (be kind!). These posts were some of my favorites to work on and I thought I'd revisit the series just in time for Halloween and re-imagine the ladies of Practical Magic for 2017. No doubt they'd be flying around in Doen dresses, cooking up Aesop products and when all else fails, drinking midnight margaritas.


p.s. What do you think about 'Scene It'? Is this a series worth revisiting or should I skip it?!

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