October Mood

You guys, it's October! It's officially my favorite time of the year and though I'm still figuring out a way to navigate Fall in a place that never cools off, I'm so excited to live vicariously through all of those festive 'grams you're inadvertently sending my way. I'll be dreaming of pumpkins and crunchy leaves all season long...

Autumn is going to be about rich hues and reliable pieces (like breezy tops and short dresses), rearranging spaces (we traded in our dining table for a desk so that I can have a dedicated work space and I'm pinning all kinds of desk inspiration) and new adventures. This Fall is especially busy because after almost a decade away from school, I get to experience some of that turn-of-the-season excitement. I've officially returned to school and am working on finishing my degree in Liberal Arts... talk about a new challenge. I'm looking forward to learning how to balance a new workload with everything I'm currently getting into.

Speaking of new work, I'm beyond excited to announce that I'm officially a lifestyle contributor at the Glitter Guide! I can't wait to connect with you in a space I've loved following for years and I hope you'll check out my posts there. I worked on my first article last week and it's something I've been wanting to write about all year... I'll share as soon as it goes live.

p.s. Stay tuned for the monthly playlist and a bunch of new stuff in the coming weeks. Happy October!

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Let's Talk About Violence

In light of the horrific domestic terrorism that took place in Las Vegas yesterday, everything I had planned for the blog seems completely trivial and inappropriate. The act is being called one of the countries biggest mass shootings in history and I cannot begin to fathom all of the ways that the people affected (both directly and indirectly) are suffering. I'm so devastated for the injured and the families of those who lost their lives in last night's tragedy and my heart is so incredibly fatigued from waking up to terrible news so often recently. How is this where the human race is at? With all of our advanced knowledge and technology? Why are we not doing a better job of preventing this kind of senselessness?

While I know we must continue to trudge forward, today feels like a day for mourning and I'm not sure that I have it in me to proceed business-as-usual. If nothing else, I pray that this event has opened everyone's eyes and created a call to action. We must take a stand and vote for gun control. We must protect the lives of our loved ones. We must de-stigmatize mental health and self care. This cannot continue to happen. People like Stephen Paddock cannot continue to slip through the cracks, have access to dangerous weapons and then be billed in the media as a "country music lover who lived a quiet life before the massacre". We need to look terrorism in the face and call it by its name.

Though we may feel powerless today, there are ways in which we can help Las Vegas:

Call your reps and demand a stricter gun control policy. These types of atrocities will keep happening until policy changes.
Donate money to the Red Cross or organizations local to Las Vegas.
& If you're in the area, donate blood.

As always, I am here for conversation and eager to hear your thoughts. How can we move forward? How can I help? What do you think about everything happening in our country?

LifestyleChelsea Tubbs
Shopbop's Epic End of Season Sale

Oh Shopbop sale, how I love you... Rarely am I more excited by retailer emails than when the Shopbop End of Season Sale notifications start showing up in my inbox. There's just something about seeing the pieces you've been falling in love with all season long at a steep discount, am I right? Luckily EVERYTHING is on sale (new arrivals and sale alike!) and I've already got my eye on quite a few cozy things. Even though I'm living vicariously through your cool weather snaps and fall style shots (it's STILL 90 degrees every day here with no hope for an Autumn breeze), we've been throwing around the idea of a winter getaway that would definitely call for a few sweaters.

3 Days Only!
20% off orders under $500
25% off orders of $500 or more

use code EOTS17

A couple of tips for shopping the sale: Shopbop is blessed with a crazy big selection of amazing things but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. My favorite way to sort through the chaos is to take in the new arrivals first. I'm also loving the Fall Checklist and their Spotlight on Paris Fashion Week! If all else fails I've rounded up my favorite finds up top. Happy shopping!

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