7 Tips For Conquering Your To Do List

Part of my New Years resolution (read all about my mission to be mindful in 2016 here) was to prioritize my time and be more efficient with my ever-growing list of to dos. Sometimes, for me, it can be difficult to tackle tasks in a world filled with Instagram, Pinterest and all sorts of procrastination vices. I thought it'd be helpful to share my favorite tips for GSD (getting shit done) so that we can conquering our calendars together!

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee. I don't know about you but the ritual of brewing coffee is one I have to do in order to start my day. I usually like to grab a cup and sit down at my desk (or whatever work space I've decided to occupy that day) and get in the right frame of mind for crossing things off my list.

2. Write it all down. I'm a list maker, it's just what I do. Having all of my to dos laid out neatly helps me to visualize the days tasks. I'm currently operating in a Rifle Paper Co. yearly planner (obsessed!), a list pad from Target and Google Calendar. 

3. Clean it up. A tidy work space is important for productivity. Your desk should be neat without distractions and good quality essentials (pens, paper, computer...).

4. Hard stuff first. It may seem easier to tackle the easiest things and build momentum but crossing off the most time consuming tasks frees you up to get more done and really lightens the mental load!

5. Take breaks. A fifteen minute treat (watch a youtube video or call a friend) makes work feel a little less daunting. Who doesn't want to be rewarded for their hard work?

6. Group projects together. Batching tasks together is the easiest way to knock out big chunks of your list. 5 things that need tending to online? Do them all at once instead of inserting things like house work or errands in the middle.

7. Celebrate a productive day. You owned that to do list, act like it! Clock out when the day is done and enjoy your down time. If you don't get to everything in one sitting, don't sweat it. Roll tasks over to to tomorrow's list and prepare to meet the next day head on.

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