How To Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall

We recently (finally!) created a little gallery wall in our living space and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! After a long time spent hoarding frames, printing pictures and a lot of procrastinating, it's finally feeling a little bit more personal in here.

Hanging a gallery wall can be a daunting task, especially if you're not quite sure where to start. When choosing the family photos and mementos that will adorn your walls, assembling a cohesive group of trinkets and snapshots is by far the most fun part of the process. My magic formula? A few family photos from varying occasions (although I was tempted to make a whole wall of wedding portraits, keeping all of the shots from difference special times in our lives makes our gallery wall exciting and full of memories), some landscape / non-personal photographs (a snapshot from our trip to Morocco, a cool cacti and a Saint Laurent ad), paintings/sketches (like these two prints we picked up at the Picasso Museum in Spain), a cheeky greeting card from a friend and a few inspirational quotes.

Tips for creating your own gallery wall:

- Lay everything out before nailing it down! It helps (big time) to see what your gallery will look like before busting out the hammer... I resorted to mocking up our spread on the living room rug and moving everything around until landing on an arrangement that felt right. If you're feeling thorough, make paper templates and tape them to the wall to be sure that you're digging the arrangement. If you're not, winging it will just add extra whimsy!

- Mix it up with a variety of frames and images. We collected frames from Framebridge, West Elm, Ikea, Target and Homegoods. Since our home feels a little eclectic and very casual the mix of wood tones and sizes works for us. If you like something a little more polished you can absolutely opt for uniform frames.

- Hang things that make sense to you. Naughty words and YSL don't make sense for everybody but I like to think of our living space as being a little fun and a lot unapologetic. When choosing the artwork for your gallery wall don't be afraid to invest in prints you love and pieces that make you laugh. in addition to those beautiful family moments, quotes and art will keep it from feeling like you're staring at an art exhibit all about you.

- Keep it fun and don't take decorating too seriously!

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