30 x 30: Day 5

crystal sweatshirt: forever 21 | striped skirt: j crew | booties: target 

As we're settling into the new apartment (sorry about the location, I'm still scoping the best blog photo-ops) I'm starting to realize a few things. While the prospect of a new town is totally exciting, I really loathe the moving process! The boxes, the endless supply of packing paper, the lack of internet (the cable man came this morning and I could've hugged his neck, I was so happy) and the flurry of equal parts exhaustion, excitement and ikea burn-out are pretty much the whole story around here. This corner of the living room is as moved-in as it gets and we're sleeping on the floor since our moving company lost a few pretty important pieces of our bed-frame in transit.

Things I hate: moving, unpacking boxes, taking blog photos inside, quiet time with Mr. Jackson while Lorelai is in California (I miss that little peanut)...

Things I love: fresh starts, new towns to explore, quiet time with Mr. Jackson while Lorelai is in California, J Crew's 25% off sweaters sale

Chelsea Tubbs