30 x 30 Closet Remix Challenge

As you probably know, we recently packed up our belongings and set out for a new hometown (Huntsville, Alabama). As I stood in front of an over-stuffed, overly trendy closet (with hopes to whittle it down to things I actually wanted to move), I became a little overwhelmed and realized I needed to purge in a big way! In months past, due in part to my blogging journey, I''ve accumulated quite the collection of pieces I never really wanted to wear twice... oops.

Enter the 30 x 30 closet remix challenge. With thirty days of travel, unpacking and transitioning ahead it seemed like the perfect time to test myself. I'm taking a cue from a few of my favorite girls (Kendi and Jessica) and embarking on a little closet remixing journey.

Here's the deal: I packed a suitcase with thirty wardrobe staples (and a WHOLE lotta stripes...) and am going to live out of it for the next thirty days! I'll be mixing and matching pieces I already had in my closet and TRYING (hard) not to buy anything new. I want to see how easily I adapt to a neutral, more classic wardrobe.

I want to know... what do you think about this crazy undertaking? Are you ready for 30 outfits?

Chelsea Tubbs