30 Pairs of Statement Earrings For Every Budget


As someone with a lot of old ear piercings that never wears earrings, I was surprised to find myself drawn to this particular trend. I tend to keep it pretty simple when it comes to jewelry but statement making earrings have been popping up everywhere this season and all of the cool designs have really started to grow on me! From structural pairs with a lot of mixed metal to fringe and faces, there seem to be earrings for everyone. I personally love gold pairs with pops of texture and a lot of whimsy.

Recently I've been trying to make Hazel + Scout more of a resource and supply you a lot of shop-able options in one place (just like with my french baskets post). That said, I've rounded up thirty of the best pairs of statement earrings for you to shop. Keep on scrolling to discover my favorites

StyleChelsea Tubbs