Happy Friday! + weekly roundup

Better late than never... happy Friday friends! As the wedding countdown nears an end (22 days!), my days are filled with detail sorting, last minute sourcing and fretting over all kinds of bridal things. I'm sorry if this space has transformed itself into less of a lifestyle blog and more of a wedding scrapbook but that's just where I am in life at the moment. Things will adjust back to normal soon enough!

This weekend we're recouping from a cold, running a ton of errands and finishing up a few wedding projects.

In the meantime, here are a few (mostly wedding related) links I've loved this week:

a stunning Barcelona wedding
the dreamiest island editorial via Bohemian Diesel
Phil Chester's images from the coolest pizza party wedding
The Lane's gorgeous bridal lookbook
an interview with Rue De Seine designer Michele Corty (who is the sweetest person!)
Anne Sage's home tour in Rue Mag
& a bohemian lakeside bridal shower on GWS

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