21 Before 21: Revisited

In September I made a list of things to accomplish before my big 21st in December. Unfortunately, I've barely looked twice at the list but with some tweaking and recommitment, I may be able to pull it off!

1. Get in better shape
2. Start personal style blog
3. Make a small step towards freelance styling
4. Completely finish decorating at least one room in the new apartment
5. Start a workout regimen
6. Begin daily walks with Lorelai
7. Go to the Farmers Market
8. Business cards
9. Throw/host an amazing party!
10. Make an effort to get together with friends more often
11. Make a "Mommy" friend
12. Set up a work area in the house
13. Make something fabulous
14. Take more pictures of everyday life
15. Date nights with Mr. Jackson more often
16. Learn to unplug
17. Add touches of leopard to my wardrobe in a chic way
18. Write in my Moleskines
19. Clean and organize my closet; discard unnecessary items and make a list for new staples
20. Plan and pack for our holiday in Japan
21. Live everyday like it's my birthday!

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