Chelsea Lately

It's been a while since I checked in and unloaded everything in my head. These little survey-style posts are such a great tool for taking stock and slowing down and I'm so grateful that you're interested in hearing a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes.

Lately, life has been a whirlwind of adventures (we conquered Los Angeles, took a trip to the lake in Tennessee and are off to Florida this weekend) and wedding planning. It seems that I'm starting to experience a bit of burn out and while the summer is usually meant for recharging, lounging by the pool and enjoying the sun I've lost sight of the slower things. I've dedicated myself to making the next few weeks as relaxed and joyful as possible. Hopefully that'll bring a ton of new inspiration and fun things to share!

feeling a little overwhelmed and overworked
liking how much of our space feels like home lately
making time to unwind and recharge
cooking nothing! it's time for a grocery store trip ASAP
drinking lots of water in the effort to be a bit healthier
reading Women Who Run With The Wolves
wanting all of our wedding details to take care of themselves
looking forward to Lorelai's fourth birthday (crazy!!!)
playing outside as much as we possibly can
wasting valuable wedding planning time surfing the internet
wishing for a completely unplugged adventure
enjoying longer days and a warmer sun
waiting for photoshoot images that I can't wait to share with you
opening far too many tabs (in my brain AND on my computer)

wondering where life would've taken me if I hadn't started blogging
hoping to keep up with my 30 day yoga challenge
marveling at the perfect little human Ainsworth and I made
needing a massage
smelling lavender essential oil and coffee... always
wearing almost exclusively Free People lately
following cues from my mind & body to slow down and take it all in
noticing how rich we are in love and in life
knowing I'll be MARRIED soon!
thinking how crazy it is that Lo is starting school in the Fall
bookmarking a lot of new-to-me tumblrs for inspiration
giggling at these photos from our creekside weaving adventure