The Best Finds From Target's Project 62


It's no secret that Target is one of my favorite places to shop... groceries, home wear, clothes, you name it and I usually find it in spades at Target (much to my husbands chagrin). In recent years the store has been going out of its way to inject a whole lot of boutique-y feeling into its branding and I've taken notice. Trend led style in one place at a palatable price point? Perfect!

When I saw that they were debuting a new range of furniture and decor pieces, Project 62, I immediately hopped online to scour the pages for my faves. Some of the pieces look like they've been migrated over from past collections but there's a lot of goodness in the range from affordable West Elm lookalikes to cute yet functional things like baskets and cutting boards. Do you love Target as much as I do?  Which pieces are you liking the best?

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