13 Products For Breast Cancer Awareness Month + How To Get Involved


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I feel pretty confident in saying we're taking steps in the right direction toward spreading the word about the the importance of keeping the 'ladies' healthy. However, the work is never done and what better way to get everyone thinking about BCA than wearing a pair of boobs on your sleeve (or pillow or bathmat or walls)?! As a lady who loves 'women supporting women', I've been overjoyed to see lady lumps celebrated as the inspiration behind all kinds of decor and fashion lately. I'm so grateful society is finally starting a dialogue about breasts as more than sexual objects (just think of all the amazing breast feeding stories we've seen lately or celebrities embracing #freethenipple).

Keep scrolling for 13 of my favorite boobies on the market as well as a few tips for navigating Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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What can you do?

Check yourself - October is the perfect time to check your breasts for anything out of the ordinary. Although you should be performing self-exams regularly, use this opportunity to brush up on your technique or feel things out for the first time. Know what you're looking for and be sure to bring any concerns to your doctor immediately.

Volunteer - The National Breast Cancer Foundation is always in need of in-person and online volunteers to help spread the word about detecting breast cancer early. Use your platform or your time to help the cause.

Listen - About 1 in 8 U.S. women (roughly 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Be a friend to the women in your life who have battled the disease by supporting their recovery, listening to their stories or simply letting them know you're available.

Donate - While it can be hard to suss out all of the reputable organizations these days, Charity Navigator is a helpful tool. The site rates charities based on their transparency and accountability so that you can donate to the cause with peace of mind.

Join - The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, a cancer advocacy network that promotes prevention and early detection of breast cancer, by signing up with your email address,

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