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Hello my lovelies! This week has been a doozy (and it's only halfway over)

This week has been a little hectic but I didn't want to leave you hanging with nothing to show for it! Exciting things continue happening behind the scenes (I'm now contributing to SF Girl By Bay as well as my usual rotation on Glitter Guide, school and working for LOHO Bride) and I'm feeling totally invigorated by all of the new opportunities that 2018 has presented. I'm just trying to remain committed to sharing things on this space as well! In that vein, here are ten things I discovered this week:

In the wake of the heartbreaking news of yesterday's deadly school shooting, it's even more important to talk to our kids about terrorism and safety. I can't even begin to tell you how truly devastated I was to hear the news and I'm still trying to wrap my head around what is going on in our world. All I know for sure is this: we are the agents of change.

On a lighter note, I really loved this article on A Beautiful Mess! Has Instagram come full circle? I've been feeling so many of the same things lately and Elsie summed it all up perfectly. Definitely worth a read if you've been on the fence about Instagram lately.

You've probably seen it by now but I am so inspired by Rodarte's Fall 2018 lookbook. Pregnant and glowing Kirstin Dunst is perfection!

Patti Smith's Brooklyn townhouse is available for rent and I'm packing my bags as we speak!

I came across this extremely interesting study about the motherhood penalty and parental leave. It seems that even in a progressive country like Denmark, giving fathers time off for early childcare isn't enough to close the staggering wage gap between women who have children and their male counterparts. This article from Refinery 29 is also an interesting breakdown of the modern American family.

I'm always in love with the think-pieces that Man Repeller comes out with and this one on the friendship complex is gold!

Alexa Chung's new "Fantastic' collection is fantastic. Love love love the promo video!

Inside the home of Paola Mendoza, the artistic director of The Women's March with Mother Mag.

The conversation we should have had following the Aziz Ansari scandal via Man Repeller.

When Natalie and Taylor shared the short film Poor Cherries, I was immediately smitten. It's a quirky, playful and beautifully styled!

What are you loving lately?

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