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Whew... what a week! I hope you've enjoyed the extra packed editorial calendar lately. With the holidays coming up and our trip looming, I've been in overdrive trying to get everything crossed off my to-do list and that includes covering everything I want to blog about before the end of the year. In all honesty, I'm super excited to unplug for a little and step away from all the internet inspiration. Sometimes it can get to be too much and become a little crippling, you know?

Here's 10 stories I found interesting this week...

Mother Mag takes a look inside Natalie Bowen Brookshire's seemingly perfect life to uncover the reality of struggling to become a mother
Why We Must Stop Allowing Our Career to Define Our Identity via Wit & Delight
plus-sized model Tabria Majors claps back at body shaming tweets (and shuts it down)
Glamour shares why Tracee Ellis Ross is the life coach I never knew I needed
Why Are We Holding Matt Laur and Harvey Weinstein to a Higher Standard Than the President? by Vogue
Meghan Markle tells Darling Magazine why 'being enough' changed everything
a peek into Jenna Lyons's newly redesigned space (so good!)
How to Talk to Kids About Sexual Harassment via CNN
an amazing interview with Jay-Z from The New York Times - "Until everyone is, free no one is free, and that's just a fact."
a warning about glitter (say it ain't so!)

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