10 Things

Hello beautiful friends! It's been quite a while since I popped in here and today I was missing you and this blog something fierce. Since life isn't exactly calming down (just 7 days until our wedding!!!), I thought a quick "ten things" post would help keep you updated.

1. Guys, I'm tired. Like TIRED tired. I once had a cooing newborn to tend to and I think this is the most tired I have ever been (including that foggy 6 months of sleep deprivation) in my entire life. There's nothing like planning a wedding all by yourself to completely suck the energy right out of you.

2. I'm also SO excited. I can't believe, after almost 8 years, that I will be Mrs. Jackson in one short week! I know you must be tired of hearing all of the details but I haven't dreamed, thought of or planned anything else for a year and I'm so ready to get through this season of life and into the thick of our marriage. As always, I look forward to sharing the day with you!

3. Fall anticipation is at an all-time high and I can't wait for chunky knits, pumpkin picking and hot toddies. Even though my heart is set on Autumn it's 92 degrees in Alabama and these suede culottes are the perfect thing to tide me over. Can you believe I found them on sale for $7 at H&M?!

4. I've been feeling really inspired to re-focus on blogging and work lately. I know that once this all-consuming wedding project has passed, I'll have so much more time to create. I'm itching for a fresh new site and new collaborators. That being said, I would love to work together! If you're a photographer, videographer, illustrator, etc. and want to come together on something cool, let me know! I've been spending my down time dreaming of beautiful new endeavors with friends I've yet to make.

5. Ainsworth has been out of town (bachelor party-ing it up in Miami) all weekend and while it's been fun to hang with my girls, I miss him terribly.

6. I had my eyebrows waxed today (for the first time in a LONG time) and I can officially say they're ON FLEEK. That's what the cool kids are saying, right?

7. A few weeks ago, our sweet Lorelai brought home a new friend. We're still adjusting to life with a bunny but she's the cutest thing I've ever seen! p.s. We named her Zoë Rabbitz.

8. If curating a pretty Pinterest feed were a sport, I would want to compete for the medal. I scroll through Pinterest pretty much all day.

9. I feel as though I've spent the last few years caring for everyone but myself and in the meantime I've lost my cool. I know that this is an epidemic among mommas and I can SO see why! For the last few weeks I've been trying to take time out and really get back to doing things that make me happy. It's an uphill battle but I'm committed to finding Chelsea again!

10. On a lighter note, my freezer is stuffed full with 15 layers of cake and it smells heavenly in my house. Hooray!

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