1, 2, 3... Break!

... I've made a date with my bed.

I was so grateful for all of your positive feedback and sweet comments when I mentioned developing a little bit of burnout on Friday's weekly roundup post. I just couldn't find any motivation last week and am pretty exhausted from trying to psych myself up for each day. I love sharing my life with you here on Chelsea & The City and couldn't be more excited to see where this journey takes us but momma needs a breather... So, I've decided to power down this week and steer clear of the web for the sake of my sanity. I'll be spending the week regrouping, hanging with my little family and getting inspired!

I have a few super exciting things planned for April (a giveaway or two, a series of collaborations with Molly from Sir Paul & Company, my recap of Gainesville Fashion Week, etc) so please check back next week and follow me on pinterest, tumblr & instagram to keep up in the meantime.

As always, thank you for your fabulous comments (they really are like candy for bloggers!) and for following!

image via Lonny Mag