Embracing The Rest Day

When life gets hectic and overrun with to-dos, I find it so necessary to take a rest day. This weekend Mr. Jackson and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and were so excited to indulge in a little staycation (we traveled to Nashville and snuggled up in the coolest airbnb) which included the best. rest day. ever. We woke up late, ventured out for a delicious brunch, reveled in the ritual of brewing our own coffee and then switched up the pace at Kanye's Saint Pablo Tour that evening.

Lately I've found it so necessary to take at least one rest day per week (when possible) to recharge, focus on self-care and check in with things. I'm by no means excelling at dialing back but I'm making an effort and that's all that counts! It's easy to fall into the trap of taking on too many projects, neglecting quiet time and basically firing on all cylinders without creating boundaries (I'm SO guilty) but intimate moments and introspection are the perfect remedy.

Since rest days can look so different for everyone, I've compiled a few of my favorite ways to recharge below...

self-care // One of my favorite things to do (and one I don't get to do too often) is to take a bath. We were lucky that this particular airbnb came equipped with a gorgeous claw-foot bathtub because our rental doesn't exactly make luxury a priority. Unwinding with a bath, tending to your body with a relaxing yoga session or face mask, meditating, journaling, reading, etc. can all be great ways to focus on caring for yourself. If you're in need of a relationship check-in, turn off your phones and spend some quiet time with your partner. As nerdy as it sounds, Ainsworth and I like to play board games together when it feels like we've been passing ships during a given week.

become a homebody // I'm totally guilty of using my days off for errand running and GSD (getting shit done). Unfortunately, this makes Sunday feel like one of the busiest days of my week. Outstanding emails? Chores? Grocery shopping? Take one week off from weekend tasks and dedicate a day to staying in. You may not feel super productive but your mental health will thank you. Sometimes nothing feels better than trading your OOTD for pajamas and staying close to home.

get a hobby // Having something frivolous that you love (something totally unrelated to work and done solely for your pleasure) is really important! For us that's collecting records, listening to music and seeing shows. Doing something that's purely fun is a great way to get out of the grind and soak up some enjoyment.

own it // Something I've learned as a mother, wife and entrepreneur: you can't take care of your loved ones or your business without taking care of yourself. Think of rest days the same way you might think of putting on your airplane oxygen mask. Sometimes you just have to put on your own mask before helping everyone else.

sidenote: Kanye West is a genius and we had a blast. ;)

select photos by Chelsea Rochelle

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