Weekend Reading



Hey hey! The weekend snuck up on us quickly this time around, didn't it? I have big plans to do a little beach lounging and explore a neighboring island today (maybe there's even a travel post in it for this space) but I've also spent a few extra hours in bed browsing my favorite sites and barreling through most of Parenthood. It's all about balance, right? The extra downtime this weekend led me to stumble upon some things and I thought it would be fun to share. Here's to a little Sunday reading!

Tres Americain launched this week and I'm already loving it!
The perfect little home renovation that's a little outside of my usual style... Studio McGee always nails it
Broad City is back and I couldn't be more excited! The season is on episode two and so far, we're WAY into it.
"how to talk to kids about white privilege"
An appalled graphic designer shows Girls Life Magazine what their cover should look like
Sabrina The Teenage Witch is coming back and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Will it be the same without Melissa Joan Hart?! What about Salem?
How to help the victims of hurricane Maria
An interesting read about why we still need courtroom artists
& these amazing desktop / iphone backgrounds by my favorites The Glitter Guide x Natalie Catalina


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