January Soundtrack

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It might be a little late this month (okay... a lot late) but I couldn't leave you without a January soundtrack. Since we've been on the move a ton it's a little disjointed but these are the songs that are getting me through right now. Beach tunes, funk, motown jams and a lot of nostalgic throwbacks to the 90s. I've been listening to this playlist pretty much nonstick this month... morning and evening walks, on the airplane, while I work, while I avoid school work, you name it. Listen to the playlist here


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Visual Moodboard 2018

Hello there! Long time, no see. We're finally back from an amazing vacation and I've been spending the last couple of days feeling out the new year and finding my footing in 2018. The five weeks we spent away were magical and jam-packed with excitement (more on that trip another day... I'm still wrapping my head around everything we experienced). I found new parts of myself while we were away and I'm feeling more inspired than I have in a long time. I think a little bit of distance was exactly what I needed to revisit this space with fresh eyes!

This year I wanted my inspirations to be something other than static. While I love Pinterest and creating monthly moodboards, I wanted to set the tone for the year in a way that moves and breathes, that I can look back on all year long when I'm losing that illusive creative feeling. Last year Rachel Nguyen, one of my favorite Youtubers and an all around fantastic source of inspiration, created a visual moodboard to mark the transition and I've been longing to make my own ever since.

I hope you enjoy being as close as you'll get to inside my head. xx

LifestyleChelsea Tubbs
6 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care in 2018 (via Glitter Guide)

This post originally appeared on the Glitter Guide. Please see it in its original version here.

We’ve all heard about self-care by now, right? The cultural phenomenon that urged us to prioritize “me time,” stock up on scented candles and wade into at least one bubble bath per week was everywhere last year and it seems to only be gaining momentum. One of 2017’s hottest buzzwords is following us into the new year as a concept worth continuing… but not in the ways you might think. Our contributor, Chelsea Jackson of Hazel + Scout, is here to discuss the importance of self-care and ways to practice it this year.

Last year was a big learning curve for me and, like a lot of women, the more I reflected on my life, the more I began to notice a pattern. I was often at the very end of my own list of priorities. As wives, partners, sisters, friends, daughters, employees (damn, we’re busy!), we get used to letting our needs fall by the wayside in order to make sure everyone else is taken care of. At the end of the day (or year), that leaves us frazzled, worn out and in need of some serious self-care. What I learned from making peace with my priorities was that self-care is a necessary, integral part of ensuring that I’m sane enough to get it all done.

While self-care can be found within all kinds of luxurious things like bath bombs and and hour-long massages, it’s also present in the little moments that leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on life. This year, I’ll be finding the time to partake in all kinds of self-care all the way from shiatsu to taking five deep breaths in between work calls. Keep reading for six simple ways to practice self care in 2018:

  1. Get something done. Completing a small task like making my bed, getting dressed or doing the dishes always makes me feel accomplished and ready to tackle the bigger things. While it may seem counter-intuitive to “work” as self-care, checking small things off your to-do list can do so much for your psyche and put you into a productive, uplifted, happy state of mind. A neat bed, clean sink and pulled-together look have a way of making everything else seem a little more manageable.
  2. Pick up a book. Reading is one of the best ways to recharge and slip on someone else’s shoes to live for a while in a different world. I find that indulging in a good book is a surefire way to show myself some love and it always leaves me feeling inspired and like I put my brain to good use. Need a new book? Check out the titles that were on our Christmas list!
  3. Disconnect. Feeling a little fried? Your screen might be to blame. Try fully disconnecting from all of that stimulation and either limit your usage to a few times per day or undertake a full-on digital detox to reset. Distancing yourself from the distraction, comparison and temptation that happens in our online worlds is self-care of the highest order.
  4. Listen to music. Music soothes the soul…at least, it does mine. Throw on your favorite playlist in the background of your daily tasks or stop everything and really listen to a few new tracks. Sometimes songs have a way of setting the mood for life and you have the power to pick your soundtrack. I love Beach Fossils for a sunny pick-me-up, a little Solange for boss lady vibes and Bon Iver for unwinding with a glass of wine.
  5. Get grounded. Have you ever noticed how relaxing the beach is? I have a theory that it’s because we usually kick off our shoes and connect with the earth. Need a little jolt of self-love? Try grounding yourself by walking barefoot and spending some time outside without distraction. If the beach isn’t exactly accessible (or at all appealing in the depths of January), your backyard or nearest park will do fine.  
  6. Set up a routine. When I’m feeling run down after a long day, there’s nothing like a zen-ed out 15-minute skincare routine to relax me, and I look forward to my morning cup of coffee like nobody’s business. Try implementing little routines throughout your day. The monotony of a task (make it enjoyable!) helps quiet your mind and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something by the end of it all. Win-win.

Above all, remember to love on yourself a little extra this year…you’ve earned it. Here’s to self-care and a happy, healthy 2018!

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